"But, WHY?!" and other questions men have about women ~ Momfia

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"But, WHY?!" and other questions men have about women ~ Momfia
Jul 19th 2012, 22:02

Women are balls of emotion. Even the most distant, seemingly emotionally removed woman is fighting a hurricane underneath her cool exterior. Why? I don't know, I'm not a fucking doctor, but I imagine it has everything to do with hormones and brain waves and Lifetime Network trying to make us watch shows with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

When I started this blog, I expected to find a niche where women and I would agree about sex and relationships and life. I don't know WHY I thought that since women and I have never particularly got along, but it was wishful thinking at it's best. What I ended up with was a predominantly male readership and a lot of emails asking things like "Why does my wife not give me blowjobs anymore?". Which is a legitimate question. I'm not in your marriage, so I can't speak for each personal situation, but I can (and continue to attempt) to answer some of the "BUT, WHY?!" emails I constantly receive.

I try and get women to understand blowjobs for men with this: Blowjobs are to men what romance is to women. Usually it clicks something for them. Like a blowjob makes you feel taken care of, desirable, and prioritized above everything else she has going on in her life, romance makes women feel that way.

The longer I'm with the man I love, the longer communication becomes something I learn more and more about. I TELL him I love him everyday (often many times a day) because that is the way I (and most women) need love. We love to hear it, we feel it by hearing it. Men, not so much. Men like to do the dishes, wash your car, and other favors to emote how much they care. Quite honestly? That doesn't mean shit to us in the same way saying "I love you" doesn't mean much to you. Sure, you know we love you, but by saying it we aren't really making you FEEL it.

So, when the question comes into my inbox "Why doesn't my wife give me blowjobs anymore?" I feel compelled to answer. She doesn't FEEL loved. When women feel loved and appreciated (and sexy, making us feel desirable is extremely important to making us desire you-who doesn't want to be wanted?) they express that. We glow, we sing in the shower, smile at strangers, and go down on you during rush hour traffic. Using a little energy to put into you makes a woman WANT to multiply that energy and give it right back. The more you continue to love, desire, and (I know all men hate this word) communicate, the more she wants to continue to remind you of the wonderfully dirty girl you married.

Don't expect instant success, make it genuine. GENUINELY want to make her happy, not just "If I bring home flowers, maybe I'll get some." Stop, that's still making it about you. And if women can tell anything, it's insincerity.

In case you scrolled through and didn't read 95% of this, the moral is easy: Be sincere = get sex



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