TVB Celebrity News: Criticisms on 'Three Kingdoms RPG': Kenneth ...

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TVB Celebrity News: Criticisms on 'Three Kingdoms RPG': Kenneth ...
Jul 11th 2012, 03:00

Raymond Lam and Kenneth Ma's time travel TVB series Three Kingdoms RPG premiered on Monday. The premiere averaged at 30 points, peaking at 34 points with about 2.18 million viewers. So far, Three Kingdoms RPG is the series with the highest rated premiere in the first half year.

In the series, Kenneth plays a gamer 'Win Sun', who accidentally goes into a time machine during a storm and travels back to the Three Kingdoms period and meets his idol ChuGot Leung played by Raymond Lam. 38 year old Kenneth's portrayal of the impulsive and skittish young gamer is pretty qualified, but Netizens thought he's too old for the role and isn't suitable to play this role. In the series, Kenneth had several lines in which he uses profanity, like when he mentions the 'HK Guy 18 Forms'. Yesterday the Broadcasting Authority receives 16 complaints on the use of profanity and the change in the cast from the sales presentation.

Mainland's big production Three Kingdoms (三國) is currently broadcasting on Jade HD channel as well, some Netizens compared that with TVB's version, and said Three Kingdoms RPG's special effects were too elementary. The war scenes "didn't even have a few horses around" and the dinosaur scene was ridiculously fake. It was reported because during filming producer Lau Kar Ho resigned and coincided with the part-time employee strike, so TVB had to cut down on the resources. A Netizens teased the 11 year old A Step into the Past had better special effects than Three Kingdoms RPG.

Producer Lau Kar Ho responds to the criticisms

Producer Lau Kar Ho was very pleased by the high premiere ratings. He knows there will be a celebration soon, and although he has already left TVB, he still cares about the series. As for fans displeased by Kenneth replacing Ron's role. Lau Kar Ho explained: "Differences in the sales presentation and the actual series is nothing unusual. The sales presentation was done by another producer. When I started Three Kingdoms RPG, I already said I wanted to use the original cast of The Mysteries of Love." When speaking of the criticisms that Kenneth is too old for the role? Lau Kar Ho said: "Adjustments were already made in the plot, describing that Kenneth is actually not that young." As for the poor special effects, Lau Kar Ho explained Three Kingdoms RPG is rather on the silly and comedic side, which differs from the more serious Mainland version of Three Kingdoms (三國).


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