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Jul 22nd 2012, 21:05

This is a Rules-y story that I wanted to share with my readers.
Keira Knightley, 27, dated Rupert Friend for five years. He didn't propose. Their split was announced in 2010. Last April, she was photoed smooching Klaxons keyboardist, James Righton, 28.

One year later, this past May, James put a ring on it. Apparently, he enlisted his guy friends for the engagement campaign because they were worried she'd slip away. Keira, obviously, accepted his proposal. It's now said that James turns into a "lovestruck puppy" around her.

I love this one, it's just so sweet! But, notice how after five years together Rupert didn't propose? And then after one year James did?

The moral of the story is that it won't take five years for a man to propose if he really wants to marry a woman. Equally, if the woman wants a proposal, it's up to her to ensure he not become too comfortable. She shouldn't be taken for granted and give the impression she'll "hang out" indefinitely awaiting his proposal...with bated breath, of course.

Both happened here. Because Keira made James worry, he sought the counsel of his male friends to make sure she stayed and proposed in about a year. Keira did an excellent job of keeping him on his toes (I wonder what she did!).

Women who are in relationships that have dragged on for years without a proposal must realize he might have no interest in proposing...ever. If she wants to marry, she should move on and start over. And, it's better that she cut her losses sooner rather than later. She'll never get back the time wastes in life on man...or otherwise.

I didn't see anything for Kiera and James about a wedding date being set. Hopefully, it won't drag on endlessly. Otherwise, Keira risks losing her It Girl status. Who knows, though? Maybe it's she who's not committing to the date.

Tell me what you think! What did Kiera do to make James so nervous she'd slip away?

Until next time...

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