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Jul 17th 2012, 03:04

As of today, Katy Perry's marriage to Russell Brand is officially over. The divorce is final. Six months have passed and a lot has taken place.

Something Katy said caught my attention. It was "I did everything I could, but it still failed." After reading this, I admit to feeling badly for her. People who are Team Russell probably roll their eyes at this and think, "Please." Yet, I believe she feels she did try. This is why it's sad she internalizes the end as her fault.

Thinking in these terms is dangerous to a woman's self-esteem. In the same sense "hate" is a strong word, so too is "fail." It was up to the both of them to make their marriage work – not just Katy. She might think she failed in her part, but it sounds like she did her best. If it wasn't good enough for Russell, then it just wasn't. She can't control his feelings or, for that matter, any other man's.

This is important because women who take their responsibility in relationships to this degree over-extend themselves. True, The Rules for Marriage says put your husband first. I wholeheartedly agree. But, if a man really wants out of his marriage, no amount of the woman turning herself inside out will make him stay. Doing her best is what counts.

Katy and Russell's ending was one I predicted. I said in my first blog post about them that Russell wasn't husband material (#sorrynotsorry Team Russell). He constantly talked about sex and publicly made jokes at her expense. There was nothing about him that made me think, "Wow, what a great guy." Being a funny comedian and a loving spouse are two totally different things.

These are the signs women should heed before getting hitched. If a man talks down to her and is insulting before they wed, be certain it'll continue after. If she marries him anyway, she shouldn't regret the ending. He wasn't that great in the first place. If she must beat herself up, do it over what she ignored at the outset.

Katy's regret is pointless. All she can do now is vow to not let it happen again. Her divorce from Russell is what I'd call a blessing in disguise. Now, messing up with a good man is reason to feel like a failure. For that, it's worth it to cry.

Tell me what you think! Did Katy fail Russell?

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