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The Perfect Workout | Love. Laugh. Live.
Jul 15th 2012, 04:00

Exercise was never my thing when I was younger.  I didn't really need it at the time because I never really got fat when I was in high school and in college.  I experimented by going to the gym during my college years but that didn't last very long.

When I started working, however, that was when I saw the need to exercise.  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and it made me gain weight.  Stress was also a big factor because I became an emotional eater for a time.  Yes, I did eat my feelings...sometimes I still do.

Getting started on exercise was easy, it was the commitment to work out that was hard.  I think the big problem was finding the right workout that was the perfect fit for me, something that I would not get tired of and that I would not be intimidated to do.  I've tried so many types of exercise: aerobics. pilates, yoga, weight training, running, taebo, hip-hop abs, martial arts -- name anything that has been a fad that you can do with a workout video at home and I have probably tried it.

I don't regret trying all those workouts (AND going to the gym again for a bit) because it helped me to discover the kind of workout that was good for me.  I discovered that I liked working out alone at home because it helped me to concentrate.  I found that I liked working out early in the morning so that no one would interrupt me.  I found that I did not like workouts that were too long.  If it lasts for an hour, I probably won't keep at it.  45 minutes is the maximum for me.  I also discovered the need to switch up workouts -- a month of yoga maybe and another month for circuit training and  another month of something else later.

My advice to anyone who wants to work out is to never stop trying.  There are so many options out there these days and it can get intimidating but if you don't try, you'll never know.  There's so much you can discover about yourself if you just keep going and experimenting until you find the perfect fit.  If you're the type that is encouraged when working out with a group, by all means do so.  If you prefer being alone, go ahead and work out at home.  The important thing is to get off the couch or the bed and get moving.  To me the most effective workout is the one that keeps you going: something that you can see yourself doing for a long time -- with an alternative you can switch to when you get bored along the way.  

Best lesson I learned from all this is that there's no such thing as a perfect workout.  It's like love: you don't love someone because he or she is perfect, you love that person because he/she is the one perfect for you.

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