The Life and Spiritual Journey of James van Praagh |

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The Life and Spiritual Journey of James van Praagh |
Jul 23rd 2012, 06:28

In the early eighties he realized that he was different from others; his life has special purpose and that purpose was to help people find purpose in their unexamined life. Since then he has worked with an untiring zeal and passion to help people enjoy their journey of an amazing enigma called life. James van Praagh is a household name and since his early childhood days understood that he was gifted with a special responsibility. He could communicate and act as a bridge of communication between two worlds; he has been helping people to come out their grief and send messages to their lost ones with trust that their deepest feeling of love and compassion will be heard and appropriately answered. His psychic readings have helped people correct their steps and bring their lives back on track. People from every sector and every age group have approached him for help and guidance and he has always worked proactively and dedicates to make sure that he can make a positive impact in their lives.

The success of his books titled Talking to the heaven and Reaching to the heaven earned him the celebrity status and his stature as a person has always gone strong since then. He made appearances on the popular talk shows like Oprah and Larry king, which further helped him connect with his admirers. To spread his message and teachings and explain people the presence of other world he made a television appearance with his own talk show, which was critically acclaimed and received a tremendous applause among the people. He was also a co-executive producer of CBS primetime series "The Ghost Whispers", which starred famous Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Even with so much of reputation and glittering fame; the hunger and desire to help people is still very alive and active and with every passing day he is getting strong on his path and determination.

Staying connected and being in touch with the people is what help James van Praagh established a firm place in the hearts and minds of the people. His believers can remain connected with him through popular social networking mediums like facebook and twitter. Born to god fearing humble family on August 23, 1958 in Bayside New York, he was the youngest of the four children. Since childhood he was aware of his special gifts and he made sure that he used them in the right directions.

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