Pretty Little Book-Head: The 5 Best Things About Television

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Pretty Little Book-Head: The 5 Best Things About Television
Jul 15th 2012, 22:40

So hey, today I want to talk about TV. Why? Because I can. And this these are the reasons I watch tv, if it were not for these shows, television would basically suck for me.

I mean there are plenty of shows that are very, very good, but these are my fix weekly with my TV. Plus, with shows being put on the chopping block, we're barely put with GOOD TV. I mean, shows are being cancelled left and right. *cough*Ringer. The Secret Circle. I Just Want My Pants Back. Missing.*cough*

And since I don't want to ramble, I'm only doing 5 because I can go on and on forever.

5. Revenge. ABC definitely has my attention with this show. I mean its action packed, and drama filled without being one of those soap operas like One Life To Live, which I hate. And it also is starring the beautiful Emily VanCamp, who is shown above. It's centered on a young woman who is out for revenge, *wink wink nudge* for the people who had her father framed. Holy shit, doesn't that just sound amazing! The season finale, which was FREAKING FATASTIC, aired not to long ago and I believe it is on HULU for all to watch.

4. Awkward. This little MTV gem is practically sparkling, I love it and it is just about the only show I watch on MTV even since I Just Want My Pants Back got cancelled. I'm going to start watching Teen Wolf though. Although, Season 2 and Season 1 are very different now, its still fantastic. I love all the characters, they're so realistic and fun. Especially Val! I highly recommend this if you're in the mood for a good laugh.

3. The Client List. I really miss my Sunday dose of this show. I really do, it was so over the top but in a good way. I've loved Jennifer Love Hewitt even since I Know What You Did Last Summer. And she's aged so much in a good way, and plus her character, Riley, is absolutely adorable. I'm serious. She's a sweet heart and if that's not enough reason to watch it, I really don't know what is. Oh besides Lydic Desi from, hey, Awkward.

2. New Girl. I really do love this show, not only because of Zooey, because of every single thing. The fights, the random singing, the weird landlord who likes threesomes. Even that bitch Caroline, oh and Paul who's a very ugly crier. Its one of the few gems on TV. I will literally watch this show for hours at a time. Its comes back on in fall, THANK GOD, but I will watch reruns for now.

1. American Horror Story. This is basically one of the BEST shows on TV for me. I love it, love it, love it. Every single thing about it! Its creepy, not even a little scary to me, but the creep factor is high. It blew my mind, every episode and I cannot wait to tune into Season 2 coming this fall, ITS GOING DOWN! I swear, I will be in front of my TV with a blanket and pillow and many snacks. This show is the best and Sept 25, I will be buying it on DVD.

So, I think I am done and these are the reasons why I love my TV and these are basically the best things on TV coming up or right now. I literally scream and jump and yell at my TV when something bad happens to the characters. During all these season finales, I had an extreme reaction.

And you shall see them:

During Revenge's season finale:


*Awkward is one of my cutesy show, it has no real reaction to it. I just love it.*

During The Client List's season finale:

What the....I was like: LIFETIME HOW CAN YOU LEAVE ME WITH THAT?!? WHAT..Wha..

During New Girl's season finale: 

Everything was perfect. Yes! Nothing more.

During American Horror Story's season finale:


There is no emotion for what I was feeling at the end of that finale. I died.

So there it is and we are at the end this. 

Do you like this? Do you like things like this? Should I do more? Movie reviews as well, since I'm in a reading funk.

Your choice.

So bye. And comment, comment, comment.

Happy Readings.


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