Life Begins Now (Damn It): I write the things and you read them.

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Life Begins Now (Damn It): I write the things and you read them.
Jul 6th 2012, 08:22

Remember on Sunday how I talked about cleaning my bathroom? Well, it's done now. Totally done. And I'm still cleaning things. And enjoying it, except for the constant sneezing from swirling dust clouds. It's sort of an adventure because at any moment you could shovel up a bunch of junk from one area of my room and find a plethora of bizarre unrelated items. Like, to my left here... underwear, rubber stamps, vintage playing cards, a giant bag of tea light candles, a picture of a wallaby that I tore out of a magazine, blo pens, a spray bottle....see how fun? OK, well, maybe it's not fun in the traditional sense of the word, but I am finding all kinds of things that have been long lost or that I forgot I even had, and that's like free shopping!

Here's a priceless gem I found today.

As you can probably tell from Dude's sweater, this book has been around a while. I'm not really sure why it's called the "Anti-coloring" book, because it's a book for drawing in, which isn't exactly the antithesis of coloring. In fact...see the kids on the cover....coloring? It was my dad's. He filled out some of the pages and then passed it on to me to finish filling out. I did one page and then forgot about it for the past 7 or 8 years.

My page is (lame, but) particularly relevant today because it's Mac Dre's birthday. He'd be 42 today. I don't know why I know things like this.
Hold on I have to Thizz dance.

OK, I'm back.

I totally lied. I didn't move from my seat. I can't remember how to thizz dance. But, it's the thought that counts?

Note: The date will be off once I publish this. I need to stop writing at midnight.

I'm still watching Party of Five. I'm 10 episodes into the last season. I've mostly been watching in 6-8 episode chunks during the time when the rest of the world is sleeping. At this point Jennifer Love Hewitt's character is off to do a spinoff (which crashed), and they've introduced Wilson Cruz as the newest nanny and Lauren Ambrose as a student of Charlie's/acquaintance of Claudia. This trade off works just fine for me. I love both Wilson Cruz and Lauren Ambrose, and I was never big on Jennifer.

I'm still crazy about the Justin character (Michael Goorjian), although he and Julia (Neve Campbell) have been broken up for several seasons. Julia's been married, divorced, and in several relationships since, but Justin keeps showing up every 10 or 15 episodes, which leads me to believe that they might end up together. I'm not holding my breath for it or anything, though, because the girl never goes for the guy I think she should go for. I'm always on Team Other Guy.

This Michael Goorjian picture isn't from Party of Five, but I had to share it because I've totally had this dream a zillion times (about showing up to school in only underwear and shoes, not about Michael Goorjian naked).

Since I'm on the topic of 90's TV, yet again, I shall share these cute Dawson memes where he cries over 90's problems.

Kids these days don't even know.

Well, I better get to bed now because it's 1AM and people who say things like "kids these days" should not be awake this late.


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