Guest Post: Rebeka Harrington on why she writes vampires

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Guest Post: Rebeka Harrington on why she writes vampires
Jul 9th 2012, 10:20

I'm delighted to host a guest post by the extremely glamorous author (and blogger) Rebeka Harrington, author of Vampires Revealed - here she explains the eternal fascination with vampires and why she writes about them...
Desires Revealed, the new novel by Rebeka Harrington

Why I Write Vampires

By Rebeka Harrington

"To be perfectly honest, I don't understand the human fascination with creatures reportedly returned from the dead, preying on the blood of the living. Seems morbid to me. Surely mankind has far better things to focus on." Bektamun, Vampires Revealed.

As a self-confessed vampire addict, even I can't fully comprehend the obsession humanity has with vampires and all things supernatural. Take a look at the shelves in any bookstore, do a quick search on Amazon; vampires are everywhere and there is no sign of the appearances slowing.

For centuries vampires were relegated to starring roles in horror. They were monstrous creatures with one thing on their mind, blood. Despite the risk, our morbid curiosity got the better of us and we began exploring deep inside the vampire world.

Vampire fans everywhere should thank Anne Rice. It was her unique portrayal of vampires in The Vampire Chronicles which has lead to the abundance of vampire fiction available today. If not for her, many writers (myself included) would not be free to let their imaginations loose; bring to light more new and different ways of looking at vampires.

Regardless of the way vampires are portrayed and how we expect them to behave, the question still remains — Why do we find them so fascinating? Is it the adrenaline rush of a brush with danger? Perhaps it is purely escapism from the mundane.

I honestly can't remember when I first fell in love with vampires, I can't remember a time when I wasn't intrigued by them. What I do remember, is the epiphany leading to my realisation of why I love vampires; it was reading Blood & Gold (Anne Rice, The Vampire Chronicles.)

Blood & Gold tells the story of Marius a 2000 year old vampire. He was made vampire during the times of the Roman Empire. And here it comes, my light bulb moment; to me, vampires are like 'living' history.

Think about the changes we have witnessed in the past 100 years. Planes, telephones, television, mobile phones, the internet. The fall of the Berlin wall, the downfall of communism in Russia, two world wars and so much more. Now imagine what you would witness, or could experience, if you lived for 200 years, 400, 500, 1000. My brain just about explodes with the possibilities.

Not only can a vampire take me anywhere, they can take me anywhen. Sure you can do this with human characters, but you only have limited life experience to drawn on. Using vampires I can indulge my passion for history and use their experience and knowledge to draw insight and conclusions about humanity.

 "Humans time and again demonstrated they were capable of perpetrating crimes as vile and gruesome as any vampire." Bektamun, Desires Revealed

As we know vampires are now far removed from the monsters of horror we once knew, but are still generally regarded as evil creatures, because they kill humans. The nature or definition of evil is another of the things I like to use vampires to explore.

Should a species be deemed evil simply because they hunt and kill for survival? If that's the case there is no hope for humanity. We've been hunting and killing since the dawn of time. A vampire can make judgements about humanity that fellow humans can't, without being perceived as vain-glorious, arrogant prigs. They have seen us make the same mistakes repeatedly. They know the outcome, because they've seen it all before.

There are so many aspects of humanity, life and history that vampires make easy to explore. But they also keep it fun and entertaining. They teach us lessons about ourselves without us even realising it. I can't begin to imagine how boring my life would be without them.

Desires Revealed, the latest release from Rebeka Harrington

The follow up title to her debut release Vampires Revealed, reunites the reader with 3000 year old vampire Bektamun. Feel the joy as her relationship with Nicole grows, experience the rage as she fights the Eleiveb.

Escape from the religious war leads Nicole and her family to the most unlikely rescuer, a vampire.  Nicole discovers love and a new life, but finds herself inexplicably drawn in to a private war between her protector and an extremist faction of vampires.

The deeper she gets involved in the vampire world the higher the price she will have to pay to obtain her desires.


Available for Purchase

About Rebeka Harrington

Author Rebeka Harrington
Raised in country Victoria, Rebeka started her writing career working for the local newspaper as a teenager. While she decided not to pursue this as a career, she has always enjoyed writing and being creative.  

With so many varied interests and eccletic taste in most things, Rebeka enjoys incorporating all of them in her writing. She particularly enjoys writing about vampires.

Rebeka seeks to define and explain vampires in a way not done before. This was  achieved with her debut title "Vampires Revealed". Following titles revolve around exploring the world and characters created in her first release.

She currently lives in Melbourne with her "demented" but lovable cat, dividing her time between writing and managing a small boutique entertainment agency.

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