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Jul 9th 2012, 22:45

I lived with this woman once and all of her shoes looked like she bought them from a store called Pay Less than Less.  Is that even a store?  Well I don't know where she finds her shoes but somehow this woman found where they sell junk.  Don't buy junk.  Buy class, simple first.  Staple shoes, that support your feet and accentuate the legs you have.  If we were all so lucky we'd have custom made shoes. Shoes should be the thing you wear that you spend the most money on out of all of your clothes.

I am not a shallow guy but there are two people that I've dated in my life that their shoes made me have to work harder to really see them. One time I had gotten to know this person and we were standing on a street corner and I looked down at his feet and his shoes looked so unfortunate, they didn't go with him.  It was the equivalent of looking down at someone and realizing they had hooves instead of feet.  There was an adjustment I had to make.  True story.  Shoes give people a visceral feeling when we see them.  It's not a brain thing, it's from the gut.  That's why I say I am not shallow I believe all have a reaction to what people wear we just may not be that in touch with it...I am sure I have shallow in me though...but here...it's not a shallow thing.

Shoes should be in line with who you are in all ways and support all you aspire to be in your life.  That same woman bought me white shoes for my birthday.  Men should not be wearing white shoes period.  Sneakers sometimes yes.  But a general no.  There are a few exceptions and events that it's ok, certain suits.  A white shoe is just not needed.  Think about it... when have you seen a man in some nice 'white' shoes that look good?  Uh...never.  Some examples below.  Not to mention white shoes for men are not functional and it's hard to make em look good.  Your shoes should not be upstaging you.  White makes you look at nothing else and they make your feet look like boats.  White says country club, you don't know better, and ridiculous.  Nothing says I'm a pimp more than a pair of white bucks.

For a woman if you don't have a pair of nice simple black heels there is no reason for you to have fancy shoes that are a piece of art.  Build your collection with the necessities first.  There are tons of ugly shoes out there for women which should make it easy.  The nice ones stand out.

Here is the classic men's shoe that every man should have.  Some styles are a little less or more conservative looking, the slimmer lines a little less conservative, bolder lines more conservative.  Kind of like a Church's vs. a Gucci, Church's more conservative.  If you tend to be a more conservative person I would go with the Gucci...or Prada.  Use those as the examples, for of course they are pricy and you can find great shoes at reasonable prices...but take a look at theirs for ideas.  If you can afford the high end shoes...do it.  Nothing you put on your body can feel better than a nice shoe...and you only know it when you experience it.  There is a difference.  Save for em.

This kind of shoe has been a recent trend with men.  The slip on, slipper like shoe.  It never really should be worn.

Here is another unnecessary style of shoe.  I'm not crazy about a slip on shoe to begin with for a man.  My general rule of thumb for a man, their shoes should be the same as I said for a woman, a simple staple shoe first.  Then if you have to buy shit like this...go for it.  They serioiusly don't look good.

Here's a men's classic engineer boot.  Every guy should have something in this area as a go to shoe that never goes out of style and is an awesome statement of strength, style, ready for a hike or riding his hot motorcycle.  They last forever.

Come on you have to agree and if you don't, take my advice...this is a class act shoe.  The tassels are awesome but not necessary.  This should be your second purchase.  The boot above your third.  Ideally we all should have two nice pairs of shoes that are versatile...versatile to a simple degree, different colors mainly.

Here are two boot examples for men.  I am going to throw this out as an exercise.  Choose the one that should be bought and choose the one that no one should wear.  It's so obvious.  It's obvious here and it's truly is obvious out there.  If you don't see something you like because you don't really want to go shopping around...don't make yourself think you like something.  Just face it...you don't like it.  Go and shop...or look online and get ideas, find what you really want.  Don't settle.  Shoes should not be something you settle on.  You want to feel great in em, and take care of you feet.  Feel the arch in it supporting you.  So important.

 Men should have nice shoes.  Look around most don't.  Most are frumpy and casual.  Even the guys dressed ok usually don't have such great shoes on...trying too hard is very common.  There is one in a hundred that actually have a good sense of style....when you see them...look at them.

Women...shoes...their favorite.  I get it, I understand.  The other day I showed Elle Macpherson in some flats.  An awesome shoe these days for a woman and the reason why is because they read confident.  They say I like to dress but I don't have to wear a heel, there is a little bit of a "fuck you" in wearing flats in a great way.  Not sure how long this trend will last but right now it's a good one, mind you if you are doing a lot of walking they are really shitty for your feet though.

Women have so many ways to have fun with clothing and it really is a key...everyone can tell if you have an insecurity with what you are wearing.  That insecurity should not be ignored...it's not saying "I need to get comfortable with my shoes" that insecurity is trying to point you in the right direction...fun doesn't mean being an idiot.  Elle's hot pink shoes...fun and class all at the same time.

This is one of the shoes that goes into the area of unnecessary.  It's great if you have the staple shoes you need.  This is the kind of shoe that women buy when they have tons of shoes, and tons of money to afford nice ones.  Knock off versions of this type of shoe usually are hideous.  This one here you can see it is well made.  Always be careful with a strap for the line that it cuts off.  Big tall women can get away with it, and long legged women can get away with it.  It's a much harder break in your line for a average statured woman to pull off, hence Jennifer Love Hewitt that I showed previously in her bandage dress.  Her leg doesn't really pull off a strap.  But then you take someone like...

Amanda De Cadenet, she can pull a strap off...it's the rounder voluptuous body that a strap looks great in.
This isn't a great picture but this body type looks great in a strap....it's the woman that looks long on top and stout on the bottom that it looks strange and cut off.  Amy Adams shoe...a class act...but I would have given her a different shoe for this dress.

This is part of the unnecessary shoe collection.  It's cool but only if you have others.  Same rules apply with this as does a strap.  

Four unnecessary shoes... t straps are for ballroom.  Be cautious with bells and whistle shoes, they easily look cheap. 

Here are the three shoes that belong in the foundation of your collection, one of the black and one with the finesse of the more severe look.  The black...and another one that is your going out shoe...something equally kick ass as this silver don't fuck with me come fuck me pump.  Heels are a statement and should make your legs look more beautiful and sexy, they should communicate power and strength...it's not just about the shoe you are wearing..it's about you wearing the shoe.


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