Crazy Days and Nights: Today's Blind Items - He Did What?

The Story
Crazy Days and Nights: Today's Blind Items - He Did What?
Jul 9th 2012, 17:10

There are so many actors and so many movies that you might not have really noticed that this former almost A list movie star has kind of dropped out of sight in the past year to eighteen months. Before that he was everywhere. In everything. It felt like you could not go a second without seeing his name or even seeing him in a movie whether it was a cameo or him being the male lead. Then something happened. He got a little too cocky and a little bit to full of himself. It all started after a movie came out a little more than a year ago and our actor was doing shots and smoking pot and was at a party while his girlfriend was at the house they shared. Our actor was with a friend of his and they had stopped by this house and our actor was out of his mind blitzed and he says that if he had not been so hammered he would never have had sex with that girl. The 16 year old girl he just could not say no to. The 16 year old girl who was dumped on her parent's lawn drunk and passed out by the actor and his friend. The girl who happened to be the daughter of a senior executive at a studio. The daughter never told her parents about the sex. But, the daughter did tell them about the drinking and pot smoking and who she was doing it with. The executive drove over to the actor's house who was passed out himself. The actor's girlfriend couldn't get the actor up, so she is the one who got yelled at by the executive. The actor's girlfriend was ticked off, but she also didn't know about the sex. It also didn't stop her from marrying the actor. The only one who knew about the sex was the friend of the actor. He needed some money and started finding out if there were any buyers for the story he was selling. The problem is he gave too much away for free so there was no need to buy. The teen still denied to her dad that she had sex, but the friend had watched it. The dad was not sure, but did it make it very clear that he would not do business with the actor. Others asked and whispered and now the actor is finding it very difficult to get any kind of work with any big studios.


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