Crazy Days and Nights: Today's Blind Items - She Hates Being Married

The Story
Crazy Days and Nights: Today's Blind Items - She Hates Being Married
Jul 10th 2012, 17:10

At this point our B list actress who has been in several very very hit movies in the past few years wants to get divorced, but she can't. She refuses to get divorced because she doesn't want to pay. She earns way more than her husband and doesn't want to give him half. So far, this kind of sounds like a boring blind item, but the thing is he has lots and lots of secrets about her that she is unwilling to have revealed and knows he will in a second if she leaves him. Her husband is a celebrity who has had absolutely no luck in his chosen profession. She finances his profession and spent most of her last movie paycheck watching him go through it and knowing she would never get her money back. When she thought she was in love she shared with her husband how she did a threesome with a guy who used to be with one of the nastiest reality stars around. Oh, and there was the time she had sex with the married co-star of one of her biggest movies. The married co-star has since got divorced from his actress wife because he was cheating with another co-star. Our actress also shared with him about when she was a teenager and had an experiment where she slept with 30 different people in 30 days just to make sure she had every kind of experience possible. So, she is afraid that all these things are going to come out but the thing is he drinks and talks and talks and has been sharing these stories all over town, so she might as well dump him and pay the money and move on.


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