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Client List – Sex Sells - Portfolio of an Entertainment Blogger
Jul 6th 2012, 16:37

The Client List - Jennifer Love Hewitt in black sexy negligee

Pilot Review

Oh Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, what have you gotten yourself into. Jennifer Love Hewitt's new series The Client List premiered on Lifetime Sunday night. Hewitt for years donned the innocent girl next-door image.

She traded her pastel summer dress for a naughty negligee for this show.


The premise simple. Set in Texas a woman deserted by her husband must find a way to earn a living for her family.

Her husband could not find work in the construction business. Why did he up and leave without saying a word? Unclear. Jen's character Riley Parks a certified massage therapist who's also been out of work for a year.

Riley badgered by bank about mortgage payments. Without income they may lose the house. Isn't this a tired motivation for a character to do something stupid?

Riley got a job at a massage parlor through a friend. Parlor offered two types of massages: straight up or one with the little "extra."

If you don't know what I mean by "extra," I don't mean the massage therapist have sex with men. But they do

Tickle the Pickle

if you get my drift. Hewitt's character played it straight at the beginning.

She gave a massage to an elderly woman. Man with a cold who constantly sneezed on her. Chatty Catty on the cell phone really uninterested in the massage. And a man with a very hairy chest and back -- gross!

Her tips all in dollar bills. Right. Like that's going to help pay the mortgage. Without much of a financial choice Riley decided to take on a "client list" patron.

He had her wear a yellow negligee when she "rubbed" him down. Her tips all in HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS.

Of course Jennifer Love Hewitt would find a way to make The Client List palatable for the viewer. Riley's a good listener. She actually talked to her clients. Listened to their problems. All the while she's uh, doing her rub-job.

Oh Ya, that's going to make it okay. There were far too many characters on the show for me to mention. Except for Cybill Shepherd who played the part of Riley's mother.

What was contrived was that every man who wanted a tickle had six pack abs. Each one gorgeous. Do you really think that happens in real life? Seriously, no way.

So who is this show geared for? Women who want to see half-naked men with hard rock abs. Men who want to see Jennifer Love Hewitt dressed in a sexy negligee.

Will the show become a hit? Only if…

Sex Sells.

Note: The Client List will return for second season on Lifetime Channel.

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