Blake Lively: Savages Disappointment at The Box Office Cont ...

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Blake Lively: Savages Disappointment at The Box Office Cont ...
Jul 20th 2012, 09:00

Blake Lively is to Savages what we feared most.  A disappointment.  The Oliver Stone directed fabled love drama about a menage a trois of herb growers living the high life on the West Coast until the Mexican drug cartel comes to muzzle in and force their hand into their success jar by kidnapping the Lotus playing Gossip Girl alum has all the ingredients for success.  John Travolta anyone?  But, like a cheap tease, it never achieves shock or much else really.  And no one likes a tease!

In theory, this movie, which boast a high-wattage of A-list talent, including:  Taylor Kitsch – who just can't seem to catch a break, Aaron Johnson, Benecio Del Toro, Salma Hayek and alleged bi-sexual tabloid cover boy John Travolta – as the two-timing federal agent – should've been a huge hit.  It's opening should've made the top three, or at least better than its fared so far, opening in sixth place – and not looking to recover any ground.   And this was something expected with Travolta's participation alone.

But the flick don't give you any type of satisfaction.

Our theory, after sitting through it, is that blame cannot be solely placed on Lively – as much as we would like to try.  Stone's story just fought too hard to keep the film PG-13 appearing.  And that's no bueno.  Blood and gore, which in this movie is deftly depicted thru the ensuing violence within the world of Mexican drug traffickers and their enforcers – Del Toro does shine as a deranged sociopath – is not enough to drive a film which headlines a three-some as its driving force.

Sad that lighting a man on fire and be-headings are more mainstream than some tits, cock and ass.  Where is the logic in that?  420 is for making long sweet love y'all.

Let this be a lesson to Stone!  If your femme fatale is too cutesy shy (or diva-ish) to show a little snatch when getting into a bathtub with the 2nd of her two love interests in the film, then the signs would indicate you have yourself the WRONG femme fatale!

Same goes for your male counterparts.  If they are too self conscious to show some cock and balls than they are the wrong duo!  The story demanded a less white-washed representation given that it's not exactly new ground – Traffic anyone?

We don't see this film getting a 2nd life with the oncoming Dark Knight debuting.  Savages looks to have gotten its one and only breadth and achieved DNR.

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