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Jul 6th 2012, 14:16

Paris Hilton with her chihuahua named Tinkerbel. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Do celebrity whims. They even pets choose the color of her dress at the Oscars. Chief Photographer star pets Christopher Ameruoso made thousands of images of 500 celebrities with their dogs, lizards and even piglets.

Chris suddenly found that sometimes with the star pupils to work a lot easier than with their owners. Photo: Pamela Anderson with a Labrador named Star. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Sharon Osbourne with her Pomeranian puppy named Chicken (right) and Maltese named Mini. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Ozzy Osbourne with a bulldog named Chui. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Megan Fox with his Vietnamese vislobryuhoy Pig Piggy Smolls. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Jennifer Love Hewitt with his chihuahua. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Hulk and Brooke Hogan with their Labrador Rosello. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Jane Seymour the cat Stachi. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Anthony Kiedis - lead singer of «Red Hot Chili Peppers» - with his mongrel. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Kate Hudson with the Bernese Mountain Dog named Nana. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Derek Hugh Lady with Poodle Dog Ha. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Adrien Brody with her chihuahua named Lolly. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Actor, producer and director Henry "Fonts" Winkler with his dog, a cross between a Labrador and a poodle named Charlotte. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Actor Ben Stiller and his husky Alley. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

The former member of the group «Spice Girls» Gerry Halliwell with doggie Haggie. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Denise Richards and her pets. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Star of TV series "Lost" Dominic Monaghan with his hand Volgograd region gizmo. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Actor Verne Troyer and his Bulldog Banana. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Nicole Richie with her Pomeranian Fox (left) and shih-tzu Honey Chile. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Musician Slash and his unnamed pet. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)

Actress Nicollette Sheridan with her Labrador Oliver. (CHRISTOPHER AMERUSO / BARCROFT)


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